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Project news

:: AquaRing launch and final workshop announced! ::
AquaRing Final Workshop, Acquario di Genova, Italy, Thursday 26th March 2009

This roundtable event brings together experts in the field to discuss not just AquaRing’s utility and functionality but the state of the art in Europe of how we deal with the wealth of digital images, videos, documents and other material which could be shared to help communicate to the public about these issues. Who provides content to AquaRing, and who could in the future? What networks exist in the field where documentation meets seas, rivers and oceans? How are these digital documents put to use? What are the future challenges ahead, and what can we imagine for AquaRing 2.0?

Participation is free of charge. Download the final programme here and contact Michael Creek to register, or for further information.

:: Join AquaRing as a content provider! ::
The AquaRing project is now offering institutions working in aquatic sciences the opportunity to make their documents accessible through the AquaRing portal. To find out more about the advantages of joining, see Join AquaRing.

Upcoming events

:: March 10th-11th 2009 ::
Nausicaa will hold the 26th meeting of OMER, the French network of libraries and information centres specialized in the domain of marine and aquatic sciences, whose aim is to exchange about updates of technologies and initiatives about marine information.

:: March 26th 2009 ::
AquaRing Final Workshop, Acquario di Genova, Italy, Thursday 26th March 2009.
Participation is free of charge. Download the provisional programme here and contact Michael Creek to register, or for further information.


The project so far

:: March 4th 2009 ::
Nausicaa now displays a selection of photos from AquaRing with dynamic displays on screens around the Centre.




:: February 18th 2009 ::
AquaRing was disseminated at the European Parliament at a roundtable event organised by Ecsite. This conference examined, nine years on from the adoption of the Lisbon Strategy, how are science centres and museums working to transform Europe into the world-leading knowledge-based economy? All participants received AquaRing project brochures.

:: October 26-30, 2008 ::
Marta Gonzalez Rodriguez of Robotiker Tecnalia presented the project at the 7th International Semantic Web Conference, a major international forum looking at visionary and state-of-the-art research of all aspects of the Semantic Web. The proceedings of the poster and demonstration session have been published as CEUR-WS Volume 401.

:: October 24th 2008 ::
Stefano Bianchi of Softeco Sismat presented AquaRing at the 18th eChallenges2008 Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This event brought together over 650 delegates from leading commercial, government and research organisations around the world to share knowledge and experience in ICT.

:: October 8th-9th 2008 ::
Catherine Franche of Ecsite disseminated the project at the IUCN World Conversation Congress, Barcelona, Spain.

:: September 30th 2008 ::
Michael Creek of Ecsite presented the project at the Eugenides Foudation, Athens, Greece, for the event "RESEARCH LABORATORY - EDUCATORS – SCIENCE CENTRES: collaboration with the use of Information and Communication Technology." This event was helf in the framework of the eKnowNet project.

:: September 30th 2008 ::
Marta Gonzalez Rodriguez of Robotiker Tecnalia presented the project at the 7th International Semantic Web Conference, a major international forum looking at visionary and state-of-the-art research of all aspects of the Semantic Web.

:: September 23rd-24th 2008 ::
The second Project Workshop and Press Conference was held at Rotterdam Zoo. This two-day workshop was attended by over 40 professionals from across Europe. Institutions represented included networks like EAZA, EUAC, EurOcean and organisations like AthenaWeb, Science LinX and OCIM as well as numerous zoos and aquariums. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the issues related to communication on the aquatic world, and give the project valuable feedback. Carel Drijver of WWF Netherlands gave the keynote speech.

:: 29th-31st May 2008 ::
The project was presented and discussed at the Ecsite Annual Conference, Budapest, Hungary, at a poster session entitled "Making the most of online portals." 52 people attended the session and the session evaluation was very positive, with an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5.



:: 17th May 2008 ::
The Lithuanian Sea Museum celebrated Harbour Porpoise Day, and Jurgita Eglinskiene presented AquaRing as part of the events they planned. Present werecolleagues from Hell Marine Station, Hel, Ploland, representative of the Lithuanian Environmental Ministry, scientists, specialists and students from Klaipeda University, and young naturalists from Klaipeda.


:: 31st March - 2nd April 2008 ::
The project was presented at the SeaDataNet International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, Athens, Greece, in a session entitled User Oriented Services and Products. Project brochures were received by the 170 participants: high-level marine scientists, many directors and several project managers, including the representatives of many important research institutes in the field. Discussions highlighted AquaRing's metadata tagging as a particularly effective way of classifying documents for the semantic web.

:: 20th March 2008 ::
The project was presented at the 25th Journées d'OMER event, Villefranche sur Mer, France. A representative of Nausicaa presented the project to the members of OMER, a network of over 80 libraries and documentation centres specialised is aquatic sciences. To download the presentation of AquaRing in French, click here (PDF)

:: 11th-13th March 2008 ::
The project was presented at the European Commission's stand at Oceanology International, London, the world’s largest and most respected meeting place for the marine science and ocean technology community. Project brochures and a presentation of the project were available for participants.

:: 6th-7th March 2008 ::
The project consortium met at Softeco, Genoa, Italy. Topics discussed included the strategy for the development of the AquaRing collection, comments on the prototype portal that partners have been testing and the implementation of the changes recommended by the Project Review.

:: 28th February 2008 ::
The project brochure is now available to download in PDF. This brochure presents the project in detail, its advantages to both users and content providers, as well as giving more information about the structure of the project itself. Look out for high quality recycled paper versions at future AquaRing events. To download the brochure please click here (PDF).

:: 22nd January 2008 ::
The Project Review took place in Luxembourg. The results from the European Commission's review panel were very positive for the project, with the review team praising the collaboration, project management and technical solutions implemented. Recommendations were made for the future shaping of the project which are currently being addressed.

Click on a title to download one of the presentations made by the workpackage leaders: Project overview | Current and future benefits

:: 27th-28th November 2007 ::
The first Project Workshop took place at the Blue Planet Forum in Brussels, Belgium. Here, the participants at the Forum were invited to take part in the session on Knowledge Based Society. In this session, convened by Project Coordinator Antonio Di Natale, AquaRing was introduced to the participants of the Forum as a means of keeping the European public informed on maritime issues, and project brochures were distributed to the participants. The second part of the workshop was a stand in the Thematic Village area of the Forum. Here, participants were able to discuss the project in more detail with AquaRing representatives.


Click above to see a YouTube video of the Blue Planet Forum. Below, Catherine Franche of Ecsite and Antonio Di Natale of Acquario di Genova speak at the workshop on Knowledge Based Society.

The Workshop was followed by a Project Meeting at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.

:: 19th-20th Sept 2007 ::
The project consortium met at the Lithuanian Sea Museum, Smiltyne, Lithuania.


:: 26th-27th June 2007 ::
The project consortium met at Rotterdam Zoo, Netherlands.


:: 2nd June 2007 ::
Bruna Valettini of Acquario di Genova presented the project at the Ecsite European Annual Conference for Science Centres and Museums, Lisbon, Portugal. This was part of a session entitled Sustainable Development - Can Science Centres Save the Oceans? convened by Manuel Cira of World Ocean Network.

Further details and presentations of the session are available here.

:: 31st May - 1st June 2007 ::
Marta González Rodríguez of Robotiker Tecnalia and Gianni Viano of Softeco Sismat presented the project at the 1st European Semantic Technology Conference, Vienna, Austria.

:: 29th March 2007 ::
A session on AquaRing was held at the Semantic Web Workshop held by Technalia Infotech in Zamudio, Spain. Project coordinator Antonio Di Natale spoke about the use of the semantic web with regards to the AquaRing project.

:: 27th-28th March 2007 ::
A project meeting was held at Robotiker, in Zamudio, Spain.

:: 8th January 2007 ::
The project partners met at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.

:: 18th October 2006 ::
The project had its kick-off meeting at the Aquarium of Genoa, Italy.

The AquaRing team in Genoa at the launch of the AquaRing project, October 2006

Project reports and deliverables

Original project presentation [PPT file] - created to present AquaRing in its early stages.

Project presentation in French

Project website

User segments, profiles and needs

Cross-border digital content space: structure and design

IPR, Access and use policies

Formalised AquaRing domain ontologies

Metadata framework


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